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Fears, Anxiety, and Phobias

Do you ever experience . . .

Fear of Flying

Fear of Heights

Fear of Rats and Mice

Fear of Spiders, Bees, and Insects

Fear of the Dark

Fear of Small Spaces

Fear of Dentists

Fear of Social Situations

Fear of Dogs or Cats

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Making Phone Calls

Fear of Needles or Injections

Anxiety, fears, and phobias can cause a pounding heartbeat, sweating, worry about losing control, shaking, dizziness, difficulty with concentration, and a range of other mental or physical effects.

If you have any symptoms of anxiety, unreasonable fears, or phobias, and if your doctor has ruled out medical causes of the condition, consider hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in reducing or eliminating a range of fears.

Fear of Being in Public Resolved

"The sessions with Lance have freed me from the fear of being in public that I have carried with me for 50 years. For the first time, I offered to participate in an event in which I would be visible. I found the courage to go through with it. Although my performance was not perfect, I feel satisfied. I look at myself in a more positive and nurturing way." – A.S.

Fear of Flying

"I have been scared of flying for many years. Even though I like traveling very much, flying abroad or even domestic air travel has been a very tense and anxiety-filled experience for me. After sessions with Lance, the tension and anxiety disappeared. Lance also taught me techniques that I could use by myself to relieve anxiety and stress if I ever feel discomfort. Now I can easily travel by airplane."
 – K.T.

Fear of Heights and Crowds

"For years I have been plagued by fear of heights: anxiety when I approached the edge, queasiness in the stomach, and a sense of being drawn into the void. A year ago Lance gave me a short session, and I haven't experienced that fear since. Lance also did a short session directed at my discomfort in crowds which had surfaced in recent years, and that, too, has disappeared."
– M.B.

Free of Overwhelming Anxiety and Fear of Insects

"Since early childhood, I have always had an extreme fear of insects. For most of my life, whenever seeing any insects I would be immediately overcome by strong anxiety, panic and sometimes by shaking and nausea! Moreover, I would be strongly repulsed by anything the insects had been crawling on. When others merely talked about insects, I also had similar intense reactions! I worked on my insect phobia in two short sessions with Lance. In the first session, my lifelong fear of insects was almost gone within a few minutes. In the second session, my fear was completely gone! In the months since these sessions, I have continued to be free of any unpleasant feelings about insects. Now they are of no special concern or interest to me. It is great to be free from this overwhelming anxiety and fear!”
– A.W.

Anxiety Dissolved

"Lance helped me to work through my phobia using methods to help me relax and thus allow any anxiety to dissolve. The hypnosis process allowed me to go into a deep state of relaxation therefore helping me to look into the future free of old thoughts that were previously hampering my life." – N.Y.

Freedom from Anger, Fear, and Resentments

"Dear Lance, The last month or so has been amazing for me, I never thought that the changes I have seen in myself would ever been possible. I now have a sense of freedom from my anger, fear, resentments and self-pity that is great and brings a whole new direction and focus to my life. I have (am) developing an inner strength that helps me through my daily life, without the fear that it used to bring in a constant basis. I believe all these changes have been brought about by working with you, helping me understand my true inner self. Thank you always."
B. M.

Jan. 16, 2006


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