High Cost of Smoking

"One billion people will die from tobacco-related causes by the end of the century if current consumption trends continue, according to a global report released Thursday by the World Health Organization (WHO)."

"5.4 million people die each year — one every six seconds — from lung cancer, heart disease or other illness directly linked to tobacco use. Smoking killed 100 million people in the 20th century, and the yearly death toll could pass 8 million as soon as 2030 — 80% of those deaths will be in the developing world, where tobacco use is growing most rapidly."

Time, Feb. 7, 2008


Stopped Smoking After Just 1 Session

“Having had just 1 session, I do find that I do not have a desire to smoke. It has not been the challenge I had anticipated–rather I wish I had done this years ago." – N.W.

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Call Now 085-606-234 or 012-342-743 For YOUR Free Hypnotic Screening.

Now I Have the Will to Stop Smoking

"After 7 years of smoking, I came to see Lance. He gave me the will to stop smoking. I feel better in myself and never want to start again. So thank you Lance for putting me on the road to a healthier life." – P.A.

Wonderful Way to Give Up Smoking and Feel Great!

"This is a wonderful way to give up smoking and to feel great at the same time. Thank you to Lance for all his help and support." – B.J.

Hypnosis is the Best Way to Stop Smoking

"I would recommend hypnosis as the best way to stop smoking. I have tried all the other methods and this is the best one and the easiest so far. Good work, Mr. Lance Castille." – L.M.

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Becoming a Non-Smoker!

"Yes. I have some positive changes by hypnotherapy. I have control on my habits. It is easy to quit smoking by hypnotherapy. My life is changed and I am happy because Mr. Castille helped me [a] lot [to] stop smoking. Without him it is not possible... I have quit smoking by applying hypnotherapy. I am thankful to Mr. Castille for such great changes in my life."
–S. Y.

Becoming a Non-Smoker and Moderating Drinking

"Dear Lance, Thank you so much for helping me to make the changes that I have been thinking about for so long with regards towards alcohol and drinking. I found our sessions to be incredibly helpful, intuitive, relaxing, powerful, comforting and healing. Based on the success I enjoyed when I came to you last year to stop smoking I knew that hypnosis would help me again this time around as I sought to implement positive change in my life. I feel able to relax completely in these sessions, knowing that whatever emotions I feel will allow me to feel better, not only today, but always. I feel stronger, healthier, happier and more positive than I have done for years! Thank you."

I Quit Smoking After the First Session

"I quit after the first session and I feel great. I don't have many problems to stay smoke free. I went to have my first smoke-free coffee and I felt amazing." – B.M.

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Hypnosis Helped Shift My Thinking and Remove My Habit

"Prior to coming to hypnosis I was a smoker and had little chance, I thought, of giving up because I thought it was going to be 'too hard'. After my first session, I was able to be in 'risky' situations of others smoking and I did not feel like a cigarette. In fact, as the days passed, I forgot about cigarettes. They ceased to be part of my thinking. I did not feel like a cigarette. Hypnosis helped me to shift my thinking and remove my habit." – L.H.


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