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Hypnosis Testimonials

New Found Confidence, Never Experienced Before

"Dear Lance,

Thank you very much for all your help and instilling in myself a new found confidence, that I have never experienced before.

I was very low and worried about the future when I first started these sessions and I have noticed so many positive changes, I don't really know where to begin.

I have better relationships with friends and family now. Most importantly, my relationship with my mother was a difficult one. This has now completely changed and I now feel positive towards her, I thank you for that especially.

Also, I had concerns about blushing, that are now much easier to deal with. I think this will be a thing of the past now.

Many thanks for making me feel at ease in these sessions."

– G.M.

Stopped Smoking After Just 1 Session

“Having had just 1 session, I do find that I do not have a desire to smoke. It has not been the challenge I had anticipated–rather I wish I had done this years ago.”

– T.L. / July 8, 2007

Outlook on Life is Now Positive

"Dear Lance, I really enjoy the few sessions I had, for me was very easy to trust you and feel comfortable too. And you understand me too. Thank you very much."
K.S. - 1/30/2007

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"I feel so much better than when I first came to hypnotherapy. My mind, attitude and outlook on life is now positive. I feel lighter, happier and more relaxed about events that happened in the past and confident that I can handle any situation that may arise with peace."
Name withheld by request

Becoming a Non-Smoker!

"Yes, I have some positive changes by hypnotherapy. I have control on my habits. It is easy to quit smoking by hypnotherapy. My life is changed and I am happy because Mr. Castille helped me [a] lot [to] stop smoking. Without him it is not possible... I have quit smoking by applying hypnotherapy. I am thankful to Mr. Castille for such great changes in my life."
– S.Y.

After Just One Visit . . .

"After just 1 visit, I used the skills Lance taught me and noticed results the same day! I know longer got angry and frustrated while driving, and I found I could listen to others with a more open, positive mind."
– E.N.
June 12, 2007

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Anxiety Reduced and Relationships Improved

"Dear Lance, Thank you for taking me on this wonderful journey. My relationships have all improved as I become less anxious. My daughter is quite happy as I give her more attention as lately I seem to have more hours in my day. I feel so much more relaxed, not only when I am around people, also alone. People have not told me they noticed a change, but their faces tell me so. Everyone around me is suddenly smiling all the time, and they are genuine. I wonder sometimes if this great feeling will last forever, I hope so, but then I forget about it and carry on with life which is suddenly very fantastic. I am looking forward to a beautiful life and to fulfilling some dreams I always thought were unattainable. Thank you."
– K.M.

Becoming a Non-Smoker and Moderating Drinking

"Dear Lance, Thank you so much for helping me to make the changes that I have been thinking about for so long with regards towards alcohol and drinking. I found our sessions to be incredibly helpful, intuitive, relaxing, powerful, comforting and healing. Based on the success I enjoyed when I came to you last year to stop smoking I knew that hypnosis would help me again this time around as I sought to implement positive change in my life. I feel able to relax completely in these sessions, knowing that whatever emotions I feel will allow me to feel better, not only today, but always. I feel stronger, healthier, happier and more positive than I have done for years! Thank you."
– T.S.

Improved Peace of Mind

"Dear Lance, Because I was a worried person, I was scared of coming [for sessions], thinking that things... won't even change... But after these sessions, I feel much better and stronger and feel that nothing is impossible. Now, I even think, 'Why [did] life feel so bad [before], because life is a great challenge'. I am very glad I came to these sessions. Thank you."
– L.S.

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I Finally Have Peace of Mind

"Dear Lance, Thank you for helping me see my past for what it is: the past. Not the present or the future, but what has already happened and the lessons that I have learned from it. Instead of looking at these events in a negative light, I was shown how brave I was to have gotten through them. Now, I will take the energy from those events and go forward with more love for myself and everyone else. I finally have peace of mind. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
– S.I.

Improvements in Many Areas of Life

"I wasn't sure why I came here, but instinctively I knew this whole hypnotherapy experience would be good for my overall well-being. Over the past two months, I feel as many more doors, have opened for more opportunities to deeper relationships, prosperity, and understanding feelings. I thought I was in touch with my feelings, now I know there's much more than just good and bad and how I can positively feel them. I'm excited about getting more positive results in my everyday life. Work is coming in. I am more respected in my field. Relationships have deeper communication and I work through my own personal fears to stick through the 'scary' moments with knowledge that it will be an overall good experience. Thanks for working with me."
– S.S.

Working Life Improved

"The sessions do seem to have made a difference in my working life, and exposed me to the potential to create positive chance in my life. It has been very interesting to open my mind to some of the possibilities that hypnosis presents. The self-hypnosis techniques seem to be having positive results too, and I'm very glad to have been provided with this tool for positive self-improvement. Thank you very much."
– name withheld by request

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Still Sleeping Soundly

“I’m still sleeping like a rock every night, thanks to you. I’ll never forget how you saved my life.”
– K. B.

February 3, 2007

Calming Performance Nerves

"I would like to tell you about one experience I had… I usually get very nervous when I think that someone might “see through” me and think I'm a fake. I was nervous in the toilet thinking “how will I live up to standards”. I did a simple version of the tapping, at least enough I thought to keep the nerves off enough to be able to mix. What great results. Not only did I feel relaxed and confident but the boss must have felt it cause they loved it so much they want me to work again. How Fantastic. Thank you."
– J.N.

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Freedom from Anger, Fear, and Resentments

"Dear Lance, The last month or so has been amazing for me, I never thought that the changes I have seen in myself would ever been possible. I now have a sense of freedom from my anger, fear, resentments and self-pity that is great and brings a whole new direction and focus to my life. I have (am) developing an inner strength that helps me through my daily life, without the fear that it used to bring in a constant basis. I believe all these changes have been brought about by working with you, helping me understand my true inner self. Thank you always."
B. M.

Jan. 16, 2006

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Calmer When Faced With Stressful Situations

"Since beginning my sessions with Lance I have noticed a change in the way I view the outside world. I feel much calmer when faced with stressful situations, and just face them with calm and ease. I am very glad I made the decision to begin hypnosis sessions with Lance."

Future Full of Positivity and Fulfillment

"My sessions with Lance have given me the time, space and focus to reflect on the issues confronting me. They have enabled me to challenge my thoughts and initiated the process of movement towards a future full of positivity and fulfillment."
D. B.
English Teacher
Sept. 15, 2007

Fear of Flying

"I have been scared of flying for many years. Even though I like traveling very much, flying abroad or even domestic air travel has been a very tense and anxiety-filled experience for me. After sessions with Lance, the tension and anxiety disappeared. Lance also taught me techniques that I could use by myself to relieve anxiety and stress if I ever feel discomfort. Now I can easily travel by airplane."
 – K.T.

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Fear of Heights and Crowds

"For years I have been plagued by fear of heights: anxiety when I approached the edge, queasiness in the stomach, and a sense of being drawn into the void. A year ago Lance gave me a short session, and I haven't experienced that fear since. Lance also did a short session directed at my discomfort in crowds which had surfaced in recent years, and that, too, has disappeared."
– M.B.

Increased Sense of Control and Positive Frame of Mind

"I have found hypnosis an excellent way of helping me make positive changes in my life. At first I was unsure of what to expect, and how hypnosis would feel. Lance, however made me feel at ease and explained the process thoroughly. After my sessions I have felt more in control of my life and in a more positive frame of mind. I feel happy at present and my negative feelings I had seem to be in the distant past. I would say that hypnosis is able to assist you make positive changes in your own life, and Lance is a good guide on that journey. Thanks, Lance."
– A.S.

Life is Easier Now

"I think it was a blessing to work on my problems with you. Now I know how important it is to deal with issues from the past because otherwise one continues to live in the past. I have changed thanks to you and I will always remember that. Life is so much easier after your sessions."
–Name withheld by request

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Free of Overwhelming Anxiety and Fear of Insects

"Since early childhood, I have always had an extreme fear of insects. For most of my life, whenever seeing any insects I would be immediately overcome by strong anxiety, panic and sometimes by shaking and nausea! Moreover, I would be strongly repulsed by anything the insects had been crawling on. When others merely talked about insects, I also had similar intense reactions! I worked on my insect phobia in two short sessions with Lance. In the first session, my lifelong fear of insects was almost gone within a few minutes. In the second session, my fear was completely gone! In the months since these sessions, I have continued to be free of any unpleasant feelings about insects. Now they are of no special concern or interest to me. It is great to be free from this overwhelming anxiety and fear!”
– A.W.

Craving for Sweets

"I can say after complet[ing] all the sessions that I successfully reached my target! I am very satisfied with this therapy… I don't have any more crav[ing] for sweets, cakes, etc. I can control myself and I feel much better with myself, inside and outside."
– name withheld by request

Interpersonal Conflict

"Dear Lance, Good news! I'm so happy. I have personal proof of how well your hypnosis sessions work. I had had a conflict with a friend of mine recently. At that time, I just fumed and kept quiet. However, after working on conflict with you, the next time I was in a similar situation with this person, I was able to calmly talk about what was on my mind. I tell you, it was so easy! It really felt very natural; almost second nature. And this is not what I was used to doing before. How wonderful to be able to change so quickly and easily. Thanks again for your help."
– K.D.

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Sadness Disappears

"Dear Lance,
I want to thank you for your help and to share with you the results of our sessions. Shortly after my work with you, I felt the beginnings of a bout of sadness coming on. Oh, no, I thought, here we go again. To my pleasant surprise my sadness never got past a slight sadness. Nothing like before where it was interfering with my work and daily life. I was truly amazed: I no longer went into a deep sadness. It just didn't happen. Period. So I thank you again for freeing me of my old habits. And I look forward to working with you again. Sincerely, K.D."

I Quit Smoking After the First Session

"I quit after the first session and I feel great. I don't have many problems to stay smoke free. I went to have my first smoke-free coffee and I felt amazing." – B.M.

Now I Have the Will to Stop Smoking

"After 7 years of smoking, I came to see Lance. He gave me the will to stop smoking. I feel better in myself and never want to start again. So thank you Lance for putting me on the road to a healthier life." – P.A.

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Wonderful Way to Give Up Smoking and Feel Great!

"This is a wonderful way to give up smoking and to feel great at the same time. Thank you to Lance for all his help and support." – B.J.

Hypnosis is the Best Way to Stop Smoking

"I would recommend hypnosis as the best way to stop smoking. I have tried all the other methods and this is the best one and the easiest so far. Good work, Mr. Lance Castille." – L.M.

Hypnosis Helped Shift My Thinking and Remove My Habit

"Prior to coming to hypnosis I was a smoker and had little chance, I thought, of giving up because I thought it was going to be 'too hard'. After my first session, I was able to be in 'risky' situations of others smoking and I did not feel like a cigarette. In fact, as the days passed, I forgot about cigarettes. They ceased to be part of my thinking. I did not feel like a cigarette. Hypnosis helped me to shift my thinking and remove my habit." – L.H.

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